Sunday, September 13, 2009

Techno-egg on my Face

I thought I was so smart. I thought I got this Blogger stuff, the way to change settings so that the blog wouldn't actually be published on the internet. That's what I thought anyway.

And smart though I may be in many ways, I was wrong about this one. I didn't read the settings options very carefully, so now I seem to have been posting posts to the world wide web that I thought in my blissful ignorance were only being seen by me! Which would have been true if I had only saved them as "drafts," but no . . . that's not what I did.

It also turns out that Blogger's blogging software is simple to use because it's . . . well, simple. Which is to say, unsophisticated. Which is to say, I thought I could have some things apply only to "Trusting Delight" while others could apply only to "Freedom Diaries" or to any other blog I might choose to create.

Wrong again. Which means that about ten of you have been getting email versions of these posts I meant only for myself. Hmmm.

So I have techno-egg on my face, and I'm wishing I hadn't posted some of the posts that I posted as personal experiments. What more can I say?

I'm feeling humbled and sheepish, and I'm also not planning to let this be the occasion for a whole lot of self-flagellation or recriminations. Guess I'll just say for the moment that for all my seeming facility with blogging, I'm actually something of a techno-ignoramus. With techno-egg on my face. Forgive me!

There's an interesting lesson in all of this for me, beyond the technical one. I really do write differently when I write for the public than when I write for myself. I suppose it would be strange and even inappropriate not to.

But I'd like to try to close the gap between the public writing and the private writing a bit, or maybe even a lot. To be freer (after all, this blog is named the "Freedom Diaries"), bolder, come out of hiding more. Take more chances. Aim for a bit more vulnerability and see what happens. This might just be a reasonable place to start!

So there you are. And here I am. I'll just have to see how I move forward from here.

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