Thursday, October 8, 2009

What You Drag Around, part 2

Back in September I wrote a post called, "What you drag around". In it I included one of two poems that I wrote back in the spring of 2006 that shared the theme of carrying an unwanted burden.  It was called "Ball and Chain" and began with the lines, "I am dragging around/ a ball and chain called God."

It seems only right that I publish the second poem too. They really were written in close succession, and they really do belong together like a set of salt and pepper shakers. (I was going to say like a sugar bowl and creamer, but no, salt and pepper feel much more apt!)

Here it is; it's called "The Sack".

The Sack

There's a sack on my back
I thought I had
stuffed full and
heavier by the minute.
People keep loading
their God-stuff
into the sack:
hopes, fears,
needs, doubts—so heavy!

Do they imagine
somehow I can
make God makes sense
and shore up their
faith? What about
my own?

If I have any god at all,
if my god is any
who or any
what or any
where, my god
makes a promise:
I will not
ask you
to betray

Thus my god my god
you have not
forsaken me.
You hand me
a blade and I slash
the lashings that bind
the sack
to my back.
I do not even turn
to see
where it falls
or what


  1. I like this even more than the other one! Good stuff, Mummy. I especially like the last set of lines. Why are you good at everything? :)

  2. You are so very kind and supportive! Thanks. Ummm...I'm not very good at housekeeping and organization. :)